SIFAS Daily Theatre for 2022-01-02


Did You Have a New Year's Dream?

Shioriko-chan, did you have a new year's dream?

Hmm, I think I did, but I can't remember.... I felt happy, though, so it was
probably a good dream.

Rin hopes so nya~! Rin also had a new year's dream!

I'd love to hear the details of your dream, Rin-san. I imagine it would be a
great adventure.

Shioriko-chan, are you psychic!? That's right nya, it was amazing! So, first,
Rin was on this spaceship. In it, there was you as a raccoon and Kayochin
as a flower nya.

Fufu, so I'm accompanying you as a raccoon?

To become the most popular beetle store, we went to a planet full of
greenery to catch some. Then Rin saw Maki-chan and Shizuku-chan inside a
glass case with a Mount Fuji picture on it, so Rin helped them out. After
that, Rina-chan and Yoshiko-chan came chasing after us, riding on around
100 hamsters. We were so surprised that we went inside a cave to hide.
There we found Kasumin as a bear that was hibernating....

That is.... quite the dream, alright.... So, what happened then? Did you get
attacked by the Kasumi-san bear....?

No. Kasumin was fluffy and felt so comfy, so we snuggled against her back
and took a nap. But before Rin knew it, both the cave and Kasumin had
disappeared, and we were suddenly riding on a hot air balloon nya. While in
the air, we saw Ruby-chan and Hanamaru-chan get caught by a hawk....

What an adventure....! Please tell me the rest of the story! What about the
eggplant!? Did an eggplant show up!?