SIFAS Daily Theatre for 2021-03-10


Nijigaku: Towards the Shuffle Festival! Part 1

We are now in an interview with Ayumu-san regarding the upcoming Shuffle
Festival. Please tell us about your enthusiasm towards the Shuffle Festival,
how you're going to sing the song you've been assigned, and how you feel
in general.

T-, this is quite a serious interview, huh? I'm kind of nervous now....

I-, I'm sorry for being so stiff....

No, no! Since you went and asked me properly, I'll give a proper answer
too! Umm, first of all, I'm really looking forward to the upcoming Shuffle
Festival! Each of our first songs contains everything about us when we just
started as school idols. To be able to sing such an important song makes me
nervous, but also excited for it! I'll work hard to make everyone feel "Ah,
this song also sounds good when Ayumu sings it."!

Fufu, that answer is very like you, Ayumu-san.

Ehehe, though maybe it would be more interesting if I gave an unexpected

Not at all! Your sincerity is one of your greatest points, Ayumu-san! Please
stay that way! I, uh.... like you the way you are, so....

Thank you, Shioriko-chan.

No, umm, I'm sorry to interrupt.... I'm also looking forward to it as it would
give a fresh feel to familiar songs.

There's not much time before the live. Let's do our best in practice, okay!