SIFAS Daily Theatre for 2021-02-26


Secret Outfit Support!

Alright, I think we're done with strengthening these, right?

Thank you very much, Karin-san. I wasn't sure if I could've done it on my
own.... You were a huge help.

Don't worry about it. I got to see AZALEA's live outfit early, so I benefited
more from this. But it was a nice call to strengthen these outfits. It really
should be done. Considering these will be used in AZALEA's dances.

I usually would ask Ruby or You-san about it, but this time I want the two of
them to just look forward to the live.

Fufu, I get what you mean. Because you're close to them, you want to
surprise them even more, right. I'm happy that you asked me about the
costumes. I thought maybe people could rely on me, even if it's just a little

I was really relying on you! I truly respect you, Karin-san.... and the rest of
Nijigaku too!

Y-, you don't have to shout that loud.... Fufu, I'm glad. Thank you, Dia-san.
Ah, that's right, Ayumu shared something good with me. Here it is....

Is this.... honey lemon?

Spot on. Why don't we make some lemonade with it? I'd love to hear more
details about your upcoming live while we drink.

My. I would like to know more about Nijigaku too. Fufu, please wait for a
little bit, I'm going to boil some water.