SIFAS Daily Theatre for 2020-09-13


Full Speed Ahead!

To be able to do 2 lives today, what a great deal, huh~!

Fufu, that's right. We get to have our best time twice in 1 day, it's like a
dream come true

Setsuna-senpai, don't run out of energy because you spend it all on the first
live, okay. You have to gauge yourself properly

I'll preserve it properly.... Or so I would like to say, but I don't think I could
control myself. Can you, Kasumi-san?

If everyone cheers for me, Kasumin would have infinite energy, so!

I'm the same then! The more support I receive from everyone the more my
feelings overflow!

Also, Kasumin actually has a secret plan~. It's something me and Rinako
have researched together for this day, a special bread roll! With this it's like
giving.... Umm, giving bread rolls to an ogre!

It's giving a club to an ogre, right. You've prepared a great secret plan,
Kasumi-san. I respect you for being able to do that alongside practice!

Eh? Respect? Setsuna-senpai respects me....? Geez~~~!!! Flattery won't get
you anywhere! Ehehe, but you've taught me a lot of things, Setsuna-senpai,
so Kasumin will give you a special bread roll~♪

Really!? Thank you, Kasumi-san! With this I'll be fine no matter how much
energy I use!! Let's go full speed ahead!!

TL Note
Giving a club to an ogre means making a strong person even stronger